Transportation Research Internship Program (TRIP)
Oklahoma State University’s Local Technical Assistance Program places students from transportation related degree programs in internships with government agencies responsible for the maintenance, construction and planning of local transportation systems. Eligible agencies include the public works and transportation departments of city, county, and tribal governments, Circuit Engineering Districts, and Councils on Governments.  While interns work directly under the supervision of a participating local government agency, they are paid as student employees of LTAP. 

To apply to become a hosting local government agency, please complete the online application.  In that this is in effect a competition between agencies to secure the services of an intern, it is important that you accurately and completely describe how you intend to use them.  We will make the matches based on the sponsoring agencies needs and the intern’s educational backgrounds and goals.

The intern’s tenure will begin shortly after their spring semester ends in May and will conclude before their fall semester commences in August.  Students will be required to submit time sheets and activity reports on a bi-weekly basis and to deliver a presentation describing their internship at its conclusion. 

To apply to host an intern position click on the button below
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For additional information contact:
The Oklahoma Local Technical Assistance Program
405-744-7496 College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
Oklahoma State University

The Transportation Research Internship Program is administered by the
Oklahoma Local Technical Assistance Program at Oklahoma State University.